Did someone say “adulthood”? Will you be ready?

Through our efforts we have seen that individuals with disabilities can perform to standard as much as any other team members, across a variety of work settings. In the process, we’ve enabled thousands of people with disabilities to build lives they may not otherwise have been able to, simply because opportunities were not presented to them. 

From Walgreen’s Disability Inclusion Program  

Will you and your family be ready when an opportunity presents itself for your loved one with Down syndrome or another intellectual and developmental disability to build a life you may not imagined was possible? 

 Individuals with Down syndrome and other intellectual and developmental disabilities are capable of having a full and rewarding life. As parents and caregivers, shouldn’t it be our responsibility to do everything within our power to give our loved ones a purposeful life? 

  • How many nights have you stayed up worrying about their future?  
  • How many therapy appointments have to taken your child to?  
  • How many books on disability and behavior and executive functioning have you read?  
  • How many IEP meetings have you attended and battled over necessary services? 


Do you have a long term goal in mind or are you just trying to get through the school years? Have you gotten through the school years but want more for your child’s life? There is a bright future ahead for your child. The Transition Boot Camp will give you ideas and tools to help you get there. There are new and innovative programs for education, housing, and employment. You have worked so hard to get your child to where they are today, it is not over, there is a whole world out there waiting for them to be a part of it in a purposeful way. It is never too late to start something new or to plan for the future. Whether you have always envisioned your child living as independently as possible or if you have no idea how to make that happen, the resources exist for individuals with IDD to be living and thriving in the communities in which they reside.

Join us on Saturday, October 21st at the Transition Boot Camp: Teen to Adulthood to learn more about creating a plan for your child’s future. 

Questions?? Contact Donna Beckmann at Donna@tdsn.org or (984) 200-1193.