Training and Education

TDSN’s educational and training opportunities include a full calendar of camps, educational resources, workshops and seminar series to help parents, professionals and people with Down Syndrome learn more. This includes:

  • Workshops and seminars empowering parents with information to support a child in reaching their full potential. Topics might include: IEP, Behavior, Potty-training, Puberty, Kindergarten Transitions, Housing Options, Vocational Resources and Financial Planning. CLICK HERE for upcoming programs.
  • Specialized Educational Series teach parents how to support their child’s learning by understanding the learning profile of children with Down syndrome. MORE
  • iCan Bike Camp offers a life-time of freedom, mobility and opportunity and teaches individuals with Down syndrome and other differing abilities to ride a standard two-wheel bicycle. Participants can become life-long, independent riders, helping them gain confidence and self-reliance in many other aspects of their lives. Dates and times coming soon at http://icanshine.org/
  • Lending Library makes books and other resources available to parents, families and professionals on a wide range of topics. For a list
    of available publications, CLICK HERE and contact the office if you would like to borrow from our library.
  • Early Childhood Intervention books and resources are available from the Early Childhood Library and the Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center Library. CLICK HERE
  • Resource Navigation Support and other counseling services are families available through our Parent Connections Mentor Program, please call the 24 hour helpline 919-788-3646 or email info@tdsn.org.