A great deal of the support, education and programs that Triangle Down Syndrome Network provide for parents is planned and organized through volunteering, volunteer committees and board services. You are encouraged to volunteer and participate in committees.  We are especially in need of volunteers with administrative, marketing, fundraising and social media skills.

As a first step to joining a committee or the board of directors, please reach out to set up a time to learn more about TDSN and board service. You can contact our Executive Director, Christina Reaves, at 984-200-1193 or Christina@tdsn.org. Christina and our board president can meet with you and share our history and mission. Additionally, you are welcome to join us at a board meeting to learn more.

Open Board Positions:



Public Relations

You can also learn more about board service on the TDSN BOARD CANDIDATE PACKET. The packet includes a summary of the responsibilities of a director with a general outline of the time commitment involved. Please reach out if you would like to learn more.