Advocating for the independence and care of people with Down Syndrome is an important part of what we do. Get involved in one or more of these opportunities:

  • Down Syndrome Advocacy Day at the North Carolina General Assembly will take place on March 21st to create awareness of Down syndrome and the issues that families face in North Carolina. Participants will be provided advocacy training in preparing for meetings with elected officials to share their stories. For more information, Email 321@tdsn.org or visit More.
  • Online Advocacy Training is available through Partners in Policymaking to educates advocates to better partner with policy makers. The Down Syndrome community must work hard to protect basic rights for people with disabilities by influencing public policy today. Visit http://partnersonlinecourses.com
  • Healthcare Outreach ensures families who receive a Down syndrome diagnosis get accurate, up-to-date information from their healthcare providers.
  • Educators Outreach offers online and in-person seminars focused on supporting children with Down Syndrome as they learn.
  • Advocacy and Awareness creates awareness of issues facing families through our Down Syndrome Advocacy Day at the North Carolina Statehouse. (Advocacy and Awareness)
  • Down Syndrome 101 educates teachers, first responders and medical professionals serving the Triangle to better understand people with Down Syndrome’s learning abilities and social capacity. Contact the TDSN office to request a presentation.

Again, get involved in our advocacy and awareness programs! Click here to learn More.