Down Syndrome Advocacy Day leads to proposed legislation for $1,000,000.00

House Bill 499 Funds for Down Syndrome Programs
Following the success of the first Down Syndrome Advocacy Day at the North Carolina General Assembly, the greater Down syndrome community has the attention of a handful of NC legislators. One of our allies, Representative John Bradford, has introduced House Bill 499: Funds for Down Syndrome Programs. With the filing of this legislation, Rep. Bradford wants “to start the discussion about funding for DS programs.” To help with this initiative, it is time to reach out to your state legislators asking for their support. Your senator and representative need to hear directly from you about the challenges and accomplishments that your family and your loved one with Down syndrome face. There is a wide variety of special interests with great resources who feed information to your elected officials – there is no one speaking up for your son, daughter, or sibling. Your actions can truly make a difference.

Contact your NC Legislators requesting support for HB499.

All it takes is one email.

Who Represents Me?   Use this link to the NC Legislature’s website to find both your NC senator and representative and their contact information.

H.B. 499 Sponsors Check to see if your NC representative is a sponsor of H.B. 499. If your representative is a sponsor, please email them and thank them for their support as well as sharing a personal story about your loved one with Down syndrome.

H.B. 499 Content The text of the legislation.

HB499 Sample Email Please compose an email that includes an appeal to support H.B. 499, personal information about your family, and briefly explains the importance of funding Down syndrome specific programs. The text of the sample email is available for you to copy. It includes examples of how to tie your personal story into the appeal.

Letter Writing Tips
Be brief and to the point.
Be courteous.
Ask for something specific.
Make it personal.
Do not use disability specific language, jargon, or acronyms.

IDD Caucus – Is my legislator a member?  The recently established Legislative Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Caucus seeks to address the needs of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and the people who support this community.  The joint Caucus, made up of members from the NC Senate and NC House, will review policy changes and will work to understand the needs of people with I/DD.

Contact Donna Beckmann
Director of Advocacy